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Earth Machine composter.If you’d like to give your composter a push before winter you can add some composting worms.  This will speed the production and quality of any outdoor composting set up.  The worms rapidly reduce organic waste to valuable vermicast or worm cast.  This compost is superior to standard non-worm assisted compost.  It will contain about 40% more Humus and have a better balance of macro and micro nutrients.  Why not make a good product better?

Once the cooler weather begins you will be faced with a choice, either leave the worms outside where they unfortunately will NOT survive the winter or, become a year round composter!  You can move your worm colony inside and continue composting by using an indoor worm bin.

Indoor Vermicomposting bin.


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Wormcast.Vermicast is the most versatile of organic fertilizers, you can incorporate it into your garden plan at any time using many delivery methods. Some people simply mix it into the top soil, we recommend at least 1 Litre of castings for 1 metre of garden surface area.  You can also spot fertilize by applying 500 mL of castings at the base of each plant, this is especially helpful if your soil structure is sandy and porous.  The plant roots will cling on to the humus    in the castings and help keep moisture in the soil.

Another popular application method is of course the famous “Worm Tea”.  This too can be as simple or complex as you choose to make it, the easiest way is to combine 1 part vermicast with 5 to 9 parts water and let sit for 10 to 12 hours.  If you leave it longer without aeration you will begin to lose the beneficial aerobic bacteria as they need air to live.  Lots of folks set up a little brewing area by using aquarium bubblers to aerate the solution for a few days and build up the concentration of bacteria.  Be warned however, you will need 2 of the small aerators for a 20 Litre container.  The brewing can continue for 48 to 72 hours and the tea should be used immediately, that goes for the 10 hour method too.  If the tea is left sitting it will lose that good microbial content.

Take the plunge, no matter how you use vermicast your plants will flourish and your soil structure will improve.



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sad dayA CANADA DAY TOAST  (this one’s for you Winnipeg)

Please raise your glass (of fresh clean water)  and join us in a toast to the First Nations families of Shoal Lake #40!

These people have lived under a boil water advisory for 18 fricken’ years.

All they need is a road, the City of Winnipeg and Province of Manitoba have agreed to fund the project, our Federal Government has refused funding.  It’s up to us now, if a new crowd source works…. this outrage can be healed. 




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Thank you Audrey.

Thank you Audrey.

Volunteers, don’t you just love them, and no we’re not talking about the human kind, we mean volunteers of the plant variety.  The ones that just seem to pop out of nowhere. Many annuals reseed of course but every now and then something will blow into the garden on the magical wings chance.


Take for example this lovely cluster of Golden Rod, they did appear out of nowhere one year and due mostly to very neglectful gardening practices, went unnoticed till a spectacular yellow bloom caught the eye later in the season.  Now they’re a permanent fixture.  This brings us to our topic of the day, don’t be too hasty when ripping out unknown plants.  Give them some time to mature before you decide whether to keep them or not.  You may be saving a tiny bit of magic when they grow up.

Golden Rod


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imageAn article today on the news and petition site Care 2 has confirmed what we all have know for years; worms will save our planet!  It’s nice to have some validation, you can check it out on this link…. 

Apart from the amazing work worms do to create soil they act as a carbon sink, not only that but the vermicompost they so diligently grow is the best kind of nutrient rich soil in the world.  We’ve been promoting a switch from chemical to organic fertilizer for years and it’s becoming easier to see the logic in that change.  Over time many people have decided to take a chance and use our products, for that we are grateful.  One brave soul is Jeff, he’s a repeat customer who knows the benefits of using castings, it took guts to make the switch to organic.  He’s kindly supplied the wonderful photo you see on today’s post, thank you Jeff and good luck taming that monster Aloe vera!   P.S. cutest dog ever.


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Mother's day ReminderYou can take the hardest criminal minds and they still profess to love their Moms.  In the natural world the Mother to offspring bond is the most powerful of instincts.  So, what the heck is going on with the way we treat MOTHER EARTH!!??  It’s a head scratcher indeed and all around us everyday.

When we take a few moments to explore our own lives, it’s easy to find ways to give our environment a break.  One of the simplest things a person can do is to compost.  If you live in a rural area, you can really go big time, but for city folks there’s plenty of opportunity to compost too.  An average back yard compost will keep mountains of material out of landfills, especially when we work together.  Apartment dwellers can use an indoor worm bin, there’s not much data on that….yet… but it’s a growing community.

It’s easy people, composting is a natural process and as complex or simple as you choose to make it.  Employ the three R’s in your lifestyle, reduce, reuse, recycle and remember, you’re not alone.



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Join us at the Forks this Sunday, May 3rd to celebrate the Kick Off to International Compost Awareness Week!  We have worms, info and demos to help you on the way.  Free giveaways, fun and much, much more!

Day of the Soil!


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EARTH DAY 2015Earth Day is upon us, every year we note this U.N. “approved” celebration of protecting our protector.   (insert irony here)

Here’s a bunch of links, this year, DO SOMETHING!  (for the locals)

or, just do something that makes you happy about our environment, consider it the NATURE’S PERFECT PLANT FOOD challenge.  Let us know if you decide your Earth Day action involves some Red Wigglers, we can definitely help with that.




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old man winterNow that we’re enjoying some nice daytime weather, people may be tempted to place their indoor worm bin outside.  It’s especially tempting for those that have had Fruit Fly “blooms” over the past few months.  Unfortunately you can’t really trust Old Man Winter, he’s still got some punch left in the cold Northern nights.  (if you are struggling with flies, try this)  

The trick to timing the outdoor debut of your bins is indeed keeping an eye on those night time temperatures.  Once they’ve stayed above zero Celsius for at least a week you’re most likely good to go.  Check the weather forecast for the next week or two in case there’s a cold snap and hopefully your bin will be just fine.

When you do have a spot outside, keep in mind that bins can flood from rain fall that flows in through your up facing air holes.

As always we appreciate your questions and feed back, use the contact page right here on the post or visit us on Face Book.


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worm castingsAn early spring, who would have thought it.  After enduring 3 years of ridiculously late season garden start ups, Mother Nature has rewarded us long suffering Northerners with what looks to be a reasonable growing season, finders crossed.  Many gardeners are planning to grow plants with longer growing season requirements, Cantaloupe for example.  Melons traditionally don’t have quite enough time to mature outdoors here on the North Prairie.

Naturally folks want to give their gardens the best head start they can and one way to accomplish this is of course starting with healthy, nutrient rich soil.  We’re blessed in Manitoba with rich top soil but, it never hurts to boost this up by using vermicompost as an amendment and organic fertilizer.  Apart from having micro and macro nutrients worm casting offer a raft of other additions that will greatly increase the productivity of your garden.

Active micro-organisms that encourage soil growth are a huge boon to the health of your garden soil, that’s why we sell unprocessed or “raw” cast for outdoor use.  These are the types of bacterium that will attract like minded soil builders to the area, you’ll also notice an increase in earthworm activity where you use it.

Humus, the fundamental building block of soil is found in abundance in worm cast, 40% more than standard compost.  This sponge like material is what ultimately holds the moisture in the earth, allowing plants more time and less energy to acquire the Nitrogen and nutrients they need to thrive.

When your planning this years garden be it vegetable or floral consider adding nature’s perfect plant food, we didn’t get the name from nowhere, it works!