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Worm KingIt’s time for our annual report; this one’s a trip down memory lane.

Many years ago when we began our business we aimed to provide excellent quality raw vermicast to anyone who needed it with a focus on sustainable organic agriculture.  That has never changed.

What came as a bit of a surprize, (back in the day), was that no one had ever heard of it.  At the time even back yard composting was a new and questionable practice for the average urban dweller.  In researching vermicomposting worms themselves, you can imagine the shock of reading studies by Charles Darwin!  Indeed such little scientific investigation had been done on them they were still quoting that great man himself. You may say we were ahead of the game.

It was then we started our campaign of public outreach.  Using the somewhat new concept of social media we reached out to environmentalists and gardeners everywhere.  We were lucky enough to connect with likeminded people from all over the world who too saw the value of composting with worms.  The start of a growing innovative new community had begun.

Over the years we’ve expanded our network and shared the joy of seeing a greater understanding and knowledge in the communities around us.  Now if you speak to Canadians about vermicomposting nine out of ten times they’ve at the very least heard about the practice.  Another boon is watching the many new vermicomposting businesses springing up across the land; it was lonely at the start.  We’ve been able to work with talented people in companion companies who range from gardeners to waste management to package manufactures.  Who knew how far the lowly worm could take us.

This year our New Year good wishes are sailing out on the waves of progress to all the Vermicomposters in the world, big and small, from the “under the sink” bin to the livestock producer, the researchers and scientists and the innovators.


cold weather worm


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Winter Solstice


At this time of Solstice let us wish you warm greetings.

At this time of conflict, let us wish you peace.

If you are scared, we wish you strength and bravery.

If you are loved, we wish you more happiness.

If you feel stranded in life, let us wish you growth.

If you are moving through too fast, we wish for you breathing space.

When you see our good intentions, wish them on another.

“In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous.”

— Aristotle


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320px-Nitrogen_CycleThere is beauty in the natural cycles of our planet, the simplest lifeforms can provide a view into more complex patterns that lead to greater understanding of our own existence, the ties that bind.  It doesn’t get much simpler than the life of a worm which is why they are so very valuable as an example of how our natural world really works, really lives and breaths.

Red Wigglers are terrestrial, just like us, they can drown, they can freeze and they can starve.  They breath, sure it’s through their skin, but, they still do…. it’s what they eat that makes them such a great example of the carbon/nitrogen cycle, the one that keeps us all alive.

What other creature can be harnessed to take our organic waste and create the soil we need to create the food that creates more waste, see the pattern, it’s a thing of beauty!  Not only will this improve your personal carbon footprint, it will aid the environment as a whole.  Best of all you get bragging rights on being “progressive with this emerging technology”.  Another example of the beauty of the cycle, wink, wink.



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VermicompostingHappy Halloween!

While it’s true we’ve enjoyed some lovely Autumn weather this year on the Prairies, the inevitable is bound to happen, snow will fly.

To that end, NATURE’S PERFECT PLANT FOOD have put our worms to bed for the Winter.  We’re very proud to cultivate one of the most Northern outdoor worm operations, if not the most, but we’re also farmer’s at heart and must bow our heads to Mother Nature when she dictates.

No worries though, we’ve just switched over to our indoor worm facility in Winnipeg….whew.  During the cold weather months we will be selling “clean” worms as usual and “bulk” starter kits sales will resume when Mother Nature’s ready, hopefully an early Spring this year, wink, wink.


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harper bearOK people, you know what you need to do.  The last 8 years under the Harper Federal government have been painful for all decent folk.  Watching our country’s reputation hit the skids on environmental and social progress, not to mention selling out on international trade deals has been difficult to say the least.  Right when you thought it couldn’t possibly get worse, Harper stabbed us in the back time and time again.  OUCH!

We can put an end to this today, get out and vote.  Help your friends and nieghbours get to the polls, take some time to make sure it happens for everyone.

We also have a special message for our First Nations sisters and brothers, THANK YOU.  We understand that it’s not easy to acknowledge and participate in the same system that murdered your ancestors and destroyed your cultural identity.  We’re asking you to give a little more and help our great land by voting today, together we can change this regime and make a better place for all.  Our fate is in our hands, let’s move forward in harmony and peace.


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Leaf LitterAutumn, what a glorious season in the North!  It’s lovely to look at and a treasure to enjoy for a brief time each year.  It can be a little confusing too, night time temperatures are dipping into the frost zone while the days are pleasant and sunny.  What to wear is a challenge everyday.  One of the feelings for people is a tinge of regret, losing the hot temperatures along with the daylight hours can be depressing for some folks.  That’s where the worms come in, they can cure this malaise, one indoor bin at a time.

One sure part of Autumn is what we like to call “Itchy Finger Syndrome” this is the affliction that hits gardeners and composters alike.  After a happy Spring and Summer of playing in the dirt so to speak, many people find the withdrawal of outdoor gardening/composting activities a little depressing.  This need not be the case!  You can use a worm bin to compost and build soil ALL YEAR LONG!  That’s right folks, keep on playing in the dirt forever.

An indoor vermicomposting bin can be started for as little as $15.00 (CND) if you act quickly.  The winter stock is in and we’re ready to assit, contact us here on the webpage or visit us on Face Book, your worm bin awaits.


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new worm binAutumn is upon us and thoughts turn to indoor activities now that cooler weather has arrived.  For some it is a blessing, time and energy will be re-directed to cold weather hobbies and many look forward to a break from their warm weather tasks.  Amazingly, not everyone enjoys yard work, gasp.  Indeed some people think of these little jobs as a chore more than an enjoyable time outdoors.  Cutting the grass and weeding the garden may not be the most romantic of activities but hey, some folks love that stuff.

Regardless of your love or hatred of yard work, we can all agree that composting is something everyone should be doing.  Not only does it reduce material in your local landfill, it will help reduce your “carbon footprint” too.  Starting and maintaining a compost in your yard or garden can be as simple or complex as you choose to make it.  If your not too fussed about appearances, a simple compost heap in the corner of your yard will work just fine.  What people don’t realize is that cold weather months need not put a stop to your composting efforts.  You can compost inside using worms!

Worm bins are especially good for people living in apartments or areas without a yard.  They too can be a simple or complex as you choose to make them.  We’ve highlighted a number of different methods here on our webpage.  The point is to just get started and there’s no better place than right here.  You can begin to compost with worms for as little as $15.00 or go full bore on a $200.00 complete system.  We can point you in the right direction and help fufill your vermicomposting dreams, contact us through the webpage or visit us on Face Book, we’re here to help. 


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Mother EarthHave you noticed the way environmental issues tend to wax and wane in and out of the news?  Disasters are up front and center but only for a short time, just as Climate Change is commented on when there’s a pipeline rupture or fiery explosion, then before you know it, we’re back to our cornflakes and coffee.  People don’t want a daily reminder of the imminent peril that faces our Earth and it’s inhabitants and who can blame them. Wouldn’t it be better to have something positive to grab hold of?  Well there is and it’s homegrown; your own efforts to help.

There are many ways to curb Climate Change in daily life, choices that seem small at first but when added together DO make a difference.  How’s this for easy, buy your milk and juice in cardboard cartons or tetra packs instead of plastic.  Having just one meatless meal a week can cut your carbon footprint by 16%……or, you can go veggie for good, while that’s understandable not everyone’s cup of tea.  Be wise in your shopping habits, look for products with less packaging, especially plastic packaging.

RECYCLE!  We know the methane from landfills is particularly destructive in our atmosphere.  Most importantly, COMPOST, it’s estimated that up to 40% of the material that ends up in landfills is compostable food and garden waste.

NATURE’S PERFECT PLANT FOOD is here to assist in your composting needs, drop us a line right here on the website or visit us on Face Book….  you don’t need to have an account to read our page.


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Earth Machine composter.If you’d like to give your composter a push before winter you can add some composting worms.  This will speed the production and quality of any outdoor composting set up.  The worms rapidly reduce organic waste to valuable vermicast or worm cast.  This compost is superior to standard non-worm assisted compost.  It will contain about 40% more Humus and have a better balance of macro and micro nutrients.  Why not make a good product better?

Once the cooler weather begins you will be faced with a choice, either leave the worms outside where they unfortunately will NOT survive the winter or, become a year round composter!  You can move your worm colony inside and continue composting by using an indoor worm bin.

Indoor Vermicomposting bin.


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Wormcast.Vermicast is the most versatile of organic fertilizers, you can incorporate it into your garden plan at any time using many delivery methods. Some people simply mix it into the top soil, we recommend at least 1 Litre of castings for 1 metre of garden surface area.  You can also spot fertilize by applying 500 mL of castings at the base of each plant, this is especially helpful if your soil structure is sandy and porous.  The plant roots will cling on to the humus    in the castings and help keep moisture in the soil.

Another popular application method is of course the famous “Worm Tea”.  This too can be as simple or complex as you choose to make it, the easiest way is to combine 1 part vermicast with 5 to 9 parts water and let sit for 10 to 12 hours.  If you leave it longer without aeration you will begin to lose the beneficial aerobic bacteria as they need air to live.  Lots of folks set up a little brewing area by using aquarium bubblers to aerate the solution for a few days and build up the concentration of bacteria.  Be warned however, you will need 2 of the small aerators for a 20 Litre container.  The brewing can continue for 48 to 72 hours and the tea should be used immediately, that goes for the 10 hour method too.  If the tea is left sitting it will lose that good microbial content.

Take the plunge, no matter how you use vermicast your plants will flourish and your soil structure will improve.