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If you haven’t used castings as an organic fertilizer before, the first thing you need to know is that worm castings are a slow release feeding system.

They will keep working in the soil structure for an entire season as fertilizer then continue for a lifetime of soil structure support and enhancement.  It’s the form of the castings themselves that allow for this long term usefulness.  When you break it down to the “nitty gritty” each individual cast or “poo” from a worm is a mini piece of complete soil.  Imagine a micro world of tiny soil components with nutrients and Humus neatly packed together awaiting deployment in your home and garden.  If we think of Humus as a little sponge in castings (which have about 40% more Humus than compost) it’s the glue that holds the nutrients together.  This sponge like material is what holds nutrients, beneficial bacteria and microbes in soil, more is better.

Worm castings are easy to use and will never cause “nitrogen” burn to plants.  You can use them anytime in a myriad of ways, why not start now and contact us today for a future of organic splendor in your gardening endeavors.


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Mothers carry the waters of life literally, we are all aquatic in the womb.

Life is water and water is life.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the water carriers.



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Raw Worm Castings

VERMICAST….WORM CAST….WORM COMPOST….What’s what in the soil world?  Are there different names for the same thing?  Yes….and no.  Let’s get the whole deal cleared up once and for all shall we.

Vermi –meaning worm from the Latin, Vermis.  Vermiculture;  all things worm, composting with worms is Vermicomposting. Worm poo, the end product from composting with worms is called Cast.  Giving us; Vermicast.  Also referred to as…wait for it…. Vermicompost.   That’s what we’ll be concentrating on today.

Vermicompost is not your average compost, it’s a different product.  Raw or fresh castings are not the same as processed ones.  Dried processed casting bought in a sealed bag has generally already been made into Worm tea; liquid organic fertilizer derived from soaking and in some cases aerating worm castings.  It’s like buying used coffee grinds.  Valuable grinds none the less.  The castings still contain soil building Humus; the organic material that houses the nutrients and water plants need to live.  It will retain some of the macro and micro fertilizing capacity but the living micro-organism component of the cast is gone.

Raw Vermicast in comparison is the yogurt of the soil world.  Jam packed with beneficial bacteria, enzymes and complex probiotic interaction. A slow release fertilizer that conditions and builds soil all the time, you will never need to worry about fertilizer “burn” ever again.  The balance of macro nutrients; Nitrogen, Potassium and Phosphorus is consistent, always.  This versatile addition to any gardening purpose is more convenient and cost saving than any other product.  You need Vermicast.

You can make your own Worm Tea!

Contact us to place and order right here on the website or through our Face Book page.


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Take a look people; take a look at the world around you.  You’ve noticed the changes in Nature haven’t you.  Look at the picture of the late Great Barrier Reef!  Try not to cry.  If you grew up with a T.V. you’ve seen the glory of the images of this reef and ocean in its day, one of the 7 natural wonders of the world.  Not to be confused with the 7 man made wonders or even the 7 ancient man made wonders of the world.  It should break your heart.

How long do you think we can hang on and are you ready for action?

Earth Day!  Deniers argue that our planet has always changed, climate is ever moving, and they remind you of the Ice Age….. hollow arguments to cover their fear.  They believe, they don’t know, but they believe that money will buy them air.  We know that slowly around us life, as we know it is breaking down.  Systems that have served for eternity can serve no longer.  It’s not the bio-sphere that’s let the planet down, it’s us.

Some of us have or will have children, how does that make you feel?  At this point in the annual Earth Day rant, we’d try to assure you that you are not helpless in the face of climatic failure….. it’s a little harder this year.  We’ve seen in our lifetimes the mass migrations of refugees from damaged and volatile areas of the world.  It’s not unprecedented. Why do you think they flee?  War, people fight for religion, politics and money, the ideologies barred from “polite” conversation.  Armies retreat, they don’t run away, it’s not soldiers fleeing their home, its families.

People that can support themselves with food, clean water and shelter in a stable environment do not run away.  When the land fails the people fail.

Now we will protect the land and water, now we will fight for our life and the life, all life, around us and we will welcome those who need a home.

It’s time for action!


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The warmer weather brings many changes to our home on the prairies, grey turns to green and cold winds blow warm.  With access to our outdoor vermicomposting facility now open we are happy to again offer the choice of bulk worms.  Bulk worm kits are a great way to begin a new worm bin or top up an exciting one.  They consist of 2 or 4 Litres of worm rich active compost, full of worms both adult and juvenile, eggs and very active compost.  Just like instant soup all you need to do is start feeding and presto, you’re a worm farmer.  If you’d like to get started now contact us here on the web page or visit us on Face Book the worms are waiting.


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We’ve been at this for a while now, 10 years officially, 30 actual, and in that time we’ve seen some pretty bone headed moves by government leaders both here at home and south of the border.  But nothing could prepare us for the ill wind that’s come blowing out of Donald Trump’s face hole.  Sorry people but his latest attack on our mutual environment is a step too far.

When we began our goals and mandate were and remain; protecting our environment, facilitating sustainable organic waste management and providing people with the vermiculture technology they need to reduce their carbon footprint through the use of vermicomposting and organic farming/gardening.  Global Climate Change is here now it has devastating effects felt everyday around the globe.  To deny or diminish the reality of this fact in favour of energy resource corporate interests at the expense of people living with the consequences is the height of delusion and cruelty.   You cannot imagine our disgust with the new President of the United States.  His reckless attitude toward our planet will literally be killing our future.

Within days of his conquest… err, inauguration he removed all references to climate change from the White House website.  Since then the hits just keep on coming, more pipelines, gone is the Environmental Protection Agency and he has given the go ahead to coal extraction, just to mention a few.  He’s not a lone rider either; this distain for any other than him and his has emboldened likeminded decisions from political powers closer to home.

Our very own Premier Mr. Pallister plans to open crown land to resource extraction and gut our water protection measures.  He wants to bring back the hog farms that have wreaked havoc on our lakes, rivers and lands.  We will fight back and you can too.  Just by visiting our website you’ve taken one step to gaining control, if you’re interested in worms, you’re interested in the environment.  Let our worms empower you, take another step.


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Want to learn more about vermicomposting?  Join us this Saturday at the Garden’s Manitoba 10th annual Gardening Saturday, March 18th from 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM at the Victoria Inn & Conference Centre, 1808 Wellington Ave, Winnipeg, MB.  Find us on the show room floor.

Tickets for Tradeshow ($5.00) and Workshops ($20.00) at the door.

Registration opens at 8:00 AM

Workshop Sessions begin at 9:30 AM

Doors to the trade show floor open at 9:00 AM

Free parking is available in the lot facing Berry Street

Please enter the Victoria Inn through the doors marked Victoria Inn Conference Centre. Do not enter through the hotel lobby

Keynote Speaker: Ken Brown!

Trade Show featuring various home and garden vendors,  Garden Clubs and more!

Over 15 Workshops & Educational Sessions!

Silent Auction Prizes!


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Worms are cool!  They are the masters of bacteria and have harnessed it to become one of the only living creatures capable of breaking the strongest chemical bond in the natural world, the nitrogen bond.  Nitrogen absolutely loves itself, when one finds another they create a two molecule powerhouse that is loath to separate.  Only a Ménage à trois of nitrogen can bond with water to become soluble nitrogen that a plant can use.  It’s a force of nature and the key player in our world’s nitrogen cycle.  It’s also a bit of a love story…..

When we talk about vermicast we’re really talking about organic fertilizer complete with all the macro and micro nutrients plants need to survive including the all-important soluble nitrogen. Would you like to be a part of this amazing cycle, it’s the cycle of life itself.  All you need to do is start composting with worms, it’s very rewarding.

Your indoor bin is the window into a sustainable future.  You will create vermicast from the waste in your household.  You may use it anyway you wish from house plants to garden.  You will notice a distinct improvement in the health and quality of your plants.  When you eat those delicious veggies, the remains of your feast can go into your vermicomposting bin thus continuing the ageless nitrogen cycle.

You have become a world builder!



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People decide to vermicompost for many different reasons, what is the goal of one, may not be the goal of another.  Some folks use a worm bin with the main purpose of eliminating food waste from the local landfill while others feel a need to grow worms to share.  No matter what drives your desire to vermicompost the end result is always the same; the creation of vermicast or worm castings.

Here’s where purpose meets goals, if your goal is quality castings we can help.  The conditions in a vermicomposting system, moisture, pH and temperature are dictated by the materials within that system.  Both food and bedding choices play a part in the resulting vermicast.  Just as in an outdoor compost bin the careful balance of carbon and nitrogen or “green” and “brown” material creates a desirable end product.  It’s the same principal in a vermicomposting system.  Many people disregard the importance of the type and quantity of bedding material in their worm bin.

Bedding represents the carbon or “brown” component of your worm bin, it is instrumental in controlling moisture levels and in creating quality castings.  It is also a key player in the mating and reproduction of red worms.  Worms will rise to enter the bedding layer in order to find a potential partner. You may notice when your bin is functioning well a number of teamed up worms have crawled up the walls when you open it.  This is a good sign. If on the other hand you find a mass exodus, particularly when accompanied by a foul smell, you are in trouble.  Bedding can be any type of dried carbon based material from newspapers to straw or dry leaves.  Here’s a hint, t’s always a good idea to collect a bag or two of dried leaves in the fall for use over the winter months.  The best example of the carbon vrs nitrogen content and how it changes is grass clippings, when new and fresh they are green and contain mostly nitrogen as they dry and become brown the nitrogen is removed and replaced with carbon.

In order to create dark, rich and “fluffy” castings you must incorporate a high enough carbon content.  If you have light coloured wet and “mushy” castings, you need to add more bedding to your mix.