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One year to the day the BP oil rig blew in the Gulf of Mexico, it’s faded from our headlines. The unbelievable 89 days of oil contamination spewing unstopped into the ocean has done permanent damage. You’d think it would give oil companies and government pause to think. Tragically they have, they’ve thought about spin and how to make this event less accessible for the public. They have encouraged it to stay out of the headlines and away from our thoughts. Has BP even paid for the damage yet or are they still in court trying to shift responsibility.

We know they’re in court trying to circumvent environmental laws and expand their drilling rights. Is this the road to recovery people so desperately need? It’s difficult to feel optimistic in the face of such selfish acts by business and political leaders. All the money in the world isn’t buying anyone out of this mess.

Thankfully a growing movement for change is blossoming. Hope for the future in the form of organizations that are unafraid to challenge society’s needless addiction to fossil fuels. Brave individuals and groups who put themselves on the line every day, enduring ridicule and insults from people more interested in the bottom line. Those self same pundits who in the dark corner of the room whisper their fears of Global Climate Change. Living with secret doubts and guilt for the lives that their children will inherit. They don’t dare speak aloud but in their heart of hearts they know the decisions made today will shout out tomorrow. They may never feel the sting of accountability but they still look into the eyes of their child everyday, perhaps that’s punishment enough.

Here’s to the brave, the spokesmen and woman of our planet, they will enjoy a payday so much bigger than financial security. They will create a world where everyone can live, eat and breath even the cowards who have worked against them.

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