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Begun in 1970 by U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson, Earth Day has survived and grown into a movement for change.

In 2009 the United Nations declared April 22;
International Mother Earth Day.

We live on a thin layer of fertile soil, it supports all air breathing life.
The Earth loses 2% of her top soil every year due to erosion, pollution and neglect. This same soil clogs water systems and pollutes our lakes and oceans. Our arable land is disappearing along with our clean water.

Mother Earth has done her very best to live with us, she will support her children to the end. Earth Day 2011 falls on Good Friday in Canada,
a day of reflection and resolve, hope for the future wrapped in a spring promise. Our Planet, our only Planet is struggling to support our “life on earth”, please let’s give the old girl a break. Think today, Earth Day about our Eco systems, the interconnection of all living creatures and a deeper understanding of where we really live and why it’s the only place where
we can.

It’s been very bad news all round since last we celebrated this day, oil spills, continued deforestation and nuclear disasters, yet still our Earth supports us. All this ironically during the International Year of Biodiversity. Let’s try harder to lend her a hand.

Making tiny changes in your habits will help, recycle, reduce and reuse
it’s the 3 R’s and they work.

Enjoy this day with a spirit of optimism and honour, after all none of us could be here without our Mother Earth.

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