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Harvesting indoor bins, i'ts easy.



After a long winter of kitchen scraps our indoor worm bins are ready to harvest. We currently have two on the go both full of Vermicast. In preparation for the event we stopped feeding the bins about one week ago, this gives the worms time to really work through the remaining organic material, it also helps to dry out any extra moisture.

It’s a bright sunny day and the expected temperature will reach 15 c, perfect conditions for harvesting. This is not a difficult task but it can be time consuming so we’ll get an early start. Using any surface be it plastic bags or in our case the kiddy pool, simply dump out the bin in full sun light and let nature take it’s course. Within 20 mins the worms will have fled the top layer of castings and they can be scraped off. Keep a look out for the worm eggs you will find. Depending on the size of your bin this process will be repeated though the day. At the end of it all you should be left with a ball of wrigglers hungry for food and raring to go.

You can also work in small batches on a tray or table top, placing a lamp over the area will speed things up. No matter what your methods save some Vermicast to use as starter for the newly cleaned bins. We don’t use much bedding in ours so we simply return the worms with plenty of food and a thin layer of castings. With less compost in the bins it’s important to check the moisture levels over the next month or so.

Indoor Vermicomposting need not be complicated and in this case time is on your side, enjoy a relaxing day of production. Your castings can be used inside or out, conditioning your soil and feeding your plants.

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