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In our last post we discussed the new found abundance of Nightcrawlers or Dew Worms in our outdoor Red Worm compost. This is virtually unheard of in our area where this type of large worm are very hard to find. After a really helpful phone call to MANNY’S LIVE BAIT (hwy # 1 east from Winnipeg) the local Nightcrawler experts, it was decided that this strange occurrence is most likely the result of recent flooding in Manitoba.

For our international friends, our province is currently in the middle of what has become annual flooding. These floods are increasingly more severe and destructive, thanks to Global Climate Change it is expected to only get worse.

Turns out that in Manitoba, Dew Worms are extremely rare so much so in fact that MANNY’S imports them from Ontario. It makes sense that these worms have been forced out of their natural riverbank habitat and are fleeing to dryer ground. This does not explain why we are finding them ¼ km from the nearest river. Which begs the question; how far can a worm travel? Much more research is needed before this interesting phenomena is understood. Any feedback regarding this topic would be appreciated.

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