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Before the murder spree.



I’ve been putting this one off as long as I could but it’s time to fess up. The Mulching Experiment failed, the Mulch itself didn’t fail, it worked perfectly, unfortunately all but one of the Strawberry plants died. These were wild strawberries, with tiny sweet fruit not the large domestic kind. They are notoriously difficult to propagate and I haven’t given up we’ve just had a little setback. The one plant that lived   was the biggest of the original ones and should be fine for another year.

Our surviver.

The Mulch was intended to protect the plants from the harsh Prairie winter and it really worked well. In early spring when we took a peak, the soil was still moist without rot and the strawberry plants looked fine. Two weeks ago we removed the mulch, dead leaves and watered. Fully expecting a bloom of new growth within a week or two, nothing has happened. One plant has set out some new leaves but that’s it. With all the hope of spring, it’s now a wait and see game, there is a chance that the remaining plants will make a come back as their roots seem strong and healthy. Tune in next week for an update.

This is all that's far.

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