Weathering theConfusion

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Don’t make the mistake of confusing weather with climate.

In review; weather is the day to day environmental conditions in any given area, precipitation, temperature, wind and air pressure.

Climate describes much more data over longer periods of time. The excepted minimum time span for climate statistics is 30 years. Other aspects of climate are as far sighted as continental drift, measured by millions of years or atmospheric particulates effectively tracked through ice cap cores samples and sediment for thousands of decades. Ocean currents and temperatures plus the biodiversity of our planet are all part of the understanding of climate and it’s effect on our world.

Both writers presume that Humans have no impact on weather and they are correct, but to deny that people have not damaged and changed the climate or condition of our planet is dangerous and irresponsible.

The industrial revolution and resulting unprecedented use of fossil fuels have radically altered our atmosphere, our oceans and our arable land. The Earth is currently experiencing a mass extinction with entire Eco-systems disappearing faster than the dinosaurs.

Everyone should take the time to learn the difference between Climate and Weather, when you do, you will find that the ‘don’t worry the Earth always changes’ attitude is short sighted and destructive, kind of like the weather we’ve been having lately.

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