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One of the front gardens, soon to have Tomatoes.



This year we are trying something new, instead of having a dedicated veg or flower garden, we’re going for placement gardening. This is a method sometimes referred to as Gorilla Gardening. Our satellite depot in Winnipeg is located on a regular residential lot complete with dogs, cats and kids. There are bush bunnies, birds and squirrels all the normal garden wreckers. For some reason the local Deer don’t like this street and stay to the North of the city about 3 blocks away.

Squash, cukes, mellons, tomatoes and nastursium.

Due to the huge success of the Mini Greenhouses we have an abundance of bedding plants both floral and vegetable. You can only pawn off so many tomato seedlings to friends and family. We’re just going to plunk them in where ever we can find room. This means Tomatoes with the Lillies and Cukes among the Iris.

Some gardeners may find this unorthodox approach isn’t their ‘cup of tea’ but for people with space challenged yards, you can get your veggies in and enjoy your summer bouquets to boot.

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