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Rain water catchment system.



Have you been saving the most renewable of resources in your home, the rain water? If you garden a rain barrel will save you money and time. It can be a simple container or a complex catchment system either way it’s win win all round.

Here in Winnipeg a few well placed barrels in and around the gardens provide all the water our plants need for the growing season. We also bottle some for the worm bins over the winter. We seldom need to add water to the bins but they do occasionally dry a bit, particularly when a new food has been introduced that the worms aren’t crazy about. It can take time for them to reduce unsavoury materials.

Bottled in Oct. 2010, still clear as a bell in May 2011.

Our city water is chlorinated, why add extra chemicals to your garden or bin when you don’t have to. Rain water works just fine, indeed a certain master Bonsai grower I know would never chlorinate his “babies”.

One issue with standing water in our area is mosquitoes, they breed in the stuff. It’s also easily remedied with the use of screens or our choice; goldfish, mosquito larva are their favourite food.

What ever your motivation be it money or moral a Rain Barrel can be a useful tool.

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