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June 5 is WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY, it began in 1973 following the landmark United Nations Conference on the Human Environment held in Stockholm, Sweden from June 5 to June 16, 1972.

Attended by 113 Countries and over 400 government and nongovernmental organizations, this conference is widely thought to be the beginning of the global environmental movement. Political and public awareness of a global environment as opposed to a local environment was awakened within our world society and continues to this day.

Save our forests

The theme for WORLD ENVRIROMENT DAY 2011 is FORESTS – NATURE AT YOUR SEVICE, what a wonderful sentiment. Our global forests do indeed provide humanity with essential services. Air comes to mind and filtering our water not to mention the amazing habitat for life and diverse Eco-systems. We truly can not live without them. Forests are a renewable resource which employ an estimated 600 thousand Canadians, carefully protected and cherished, our forests are the lungs of the planet. They deserve our respect and our love, celebrate them today and everyday.

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