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Lawn Pots



Continuing with the theme of Gorilla Gardening, we’d like to introduce; Lawn Pots. We have an area in the lawn that used to be an Annual Flower Garden. Over the years the expense of seedling purchases and a desire to incorporate more perennial and indigenous water conserving plants returned the garden to lawn.

Squash, Cukes, Mellon and Tomatoes.

That’s all going to change, we’re getting back to the garden. Instead of breaking the ground we thought we’d try a slower approach. That’s where the Lawn Pots come in and yes, we did just invent the name. We cut 9×9” holes in the lawn, filled them with Vermicast and planted Squash, Mellon and Cucumber. We chucked in a few Tomatoes too.

We have no idea if this will work, but the plan is for the vines to choke out the underlying grasses making next years garden prep that much easier.

Please feel free to comment on this or any other post, we want to here from you. If you’ve tried some “Gorilla Gardening” of your own drop us a line.

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