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Liatris spicata seeds



Over the past year or so we have embarked on some interesting experiments. Some have been roaring successes while others…..not so much. It’s time to admit defeat on our failures and move on.

The Mini greenhouses worked a treat but not all the seeds in them sprouted. None of the Liatris spicata seeds did anything, kudos to Grandma Lee with her prediction of disaster.

The mulching on the Strawberries worked but the plants were still too vulnerable in the window box, only one survived.

Mulch layer


Finally, we have the pending Musk mellons, although they have grown nicely they haven’t flowered and may well be sterile hybrids. This is the risk you run when planting seeds harvested from the grocery store. We will leave them in the garden and hope for the best.


That’s all the confessing for today, we are still waiting results from the Chip bag experiment as well as the Lawn pots.

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  3. Bench Jacken says:

    You can’t have your cake and eat it.

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