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I woke up at 5:40 am the same time as the Sun on this the longest day.

Before the written word and calendars as we know them, people tracked the years by marking the movement of the Sun and Moon, the Stars and Planets. Today was most auspicious for ancient peoples from the Northern latitudes, time to thank the powers that be for a mild spring and beg for a long summer.

There is magic in this the shortest night, many people feel closer to the Earth during these annual occasions myself included. I love knowing that this is a global experience, more pronounced for the far North and South, but witnessed by everyone none the less. I’ll be celebrating with a traditional bonfire. I’ll offer some tobacco and food to the ancestors to thank them for their gift of life.

Wherever you are whatever you do, please take a moment acknowledge your place on our Earth and be thankful we can still live here.

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