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Lawn pot Tomatoe.



Our lawn pots are working out well.  The plants are a bit stunted compared to the garden ones, but one thing we’ve noticed is they take less watering.

Lawn squash


The lawn pots need water every second day if there is no rain.  The garden plants dry out in one day. 

Another potential problem with lawn pots so far is the camouflage.  They are really hard to see (one tomatoe has been snapped)  a warning sign or small fencing may be needed in this busy yard.

For our friends in Winnipeg;  we will be at the Gas Station Theatre’s Farmers Market on Thursday nights starting June 30.  The market runs from 4-8, we’ll be taking orders for Vermicast and showing off our worms.  Drop by for a visit, there’s live music and a beer garden.

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