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We should be honouring our great country today and there is indeed much to be proud of. Try as we might to celebrate, doubts creep into the festivities. You think of the beauty of the wide open arctic regions then realize the ice caps are melting and the polar bears are in trouble. The tar sands are a blight on the entire planet and our First Nations peoples live in Third World conditions. It becomes harder and harder to be a proud Canadian.

We stand on the brink of a great divide, the county has never possessed such duality. There are bright lights and beacons of a sustainable future, yet they are threatened from every side. How can we create new protected wild areas but watch one of the largest fresh water lakes in the world slowly die? How can we brag about our inclusive and inviting culture while denying basic human rights?

It’s difficult to remain positive in the face of these realities.

As you celebrate today, leave some room for doubt. Raise a glass to the true North strong and free but raise another to closing this great divide.

Work a little harder today to create a fair and sustainable future.

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