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Red worms inside bin

A frequently asked question from perspective worm farmers is “how many worms will I need”.  The answer of course depends on how much waste you are planning to Vermicompost.  We usually suggest starting with about 200 mL(just under 1/2 lb) of worms per person per household.  Nothing is written in stone however and if you are a Vegan homestead producing greater amount of organic waste you may need to acquire more worms. 

As the worm count grows in your bin, you should be able to balance your worm amount with your waste amount.  If you find waste disappearing in one week, you have hit the mark.
 Right now we use two indoors bins, 60 cm x 40 cm x 22 cm have about 900 mL of active worms in each.  They successfully compost around 10 Litres of organic material per week.  Here is an important hint to fast  Vermicomposting, freeze your scraps before you use them.  The freezing breaks down cell walls and composting will happen much faster.  Red worms will only eat  decomposing material, they can’t chew and potatoes peels put in raw will look like dried up potato peels for weeks.  This also helps to maintain a good moisture content.  When you thaw out the scraps before adding them you’ll notice they have produced alot of fluid, when drained first that liquid will stay out of your bin.   Indeed this method is so effective we don’t have any drainage holes in our bins and no problems with leachtate.
Shout out to our brethren over the pond….Happy Tynwald Day.

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