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We have seen our worms tolerate huge temperature divides. They have been found beside ice crystals just in the frost line during winter and beside ash produced in the compost during the warm weather.


Today is set to be a scorcher, 35 c with high humidity. It’s not lost on us that this is a daily occurrence for our readers in the tropics. For us these temperatures only happen 3-6 weeks out of the year.


These radically different environmental conditions both produce the same behaviour in Red Composting Worms. Balling, when worms encounter a hostile environment they instinctively seek out a more hospitable area. As the hostile environment grows and the safe one shrinks, all the worms are driven together and form a ball. This is the key to harvesting worms, and why some worm farmers prefer to be called worm herders, we kid you not.


worm ball



Although the high temperatures in the next week will be great for harvesting at our outdoor facility, they also breed thunder storms. It will be exciting times indeed. Stay tuned for harvesting updates over the next few weeks and see pictures of the largest Red Worm colony in Manitoba.

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