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How cute is this...




Last year we discovered this adorable little flower as a volunteer in the front garden. Only 6-8” high we dubbed it the Mini Hollyhock. Working from the seeds of a single bloom almost missed among the Poppies, we have managed to grow 6 plants this year.


We’re worm farmers, not plant specialists so a trip to Wikipedia was in order. The Hollyhock is an ancient plant, seeds have been found at Neanderthal burial sites indicating people have loved it forever. There are over 600 species and after checking about 10 pages, we don’t have a Latin name for the little beauties.





Please wade in folks, what are we dealing with. You can help with an answer right here on the post page or through the contact tab. We have plenty more mystery plants here at the homestead so this project should keep us busy right through to next spring.

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