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Gardening is and should be a matter of personal choice, too long have our yards and gardens been governed by some obsolete set of esthetic rules.

It wasn’t that long ago that we got funny looks for having Tomatoes in…gasp…the front flower bed.


There are currently two cases in the courts which clearly show that change happens slowly. One in the States and one in Canada, pitting Municipal government against organic farmers. Both have municipalities trying to mandate the shutdown of small scale organic farmers in residential areas.

These successful operators are growing food, healthy food to share and sell to their neighbours. Here in Winnipeg city council shut down a composting facility in the suburbs because upscale homeowners didn’t want it “in my backyard”.


With attitudes like these, we’ll be hard pressed to grow our own produce in a future of unpredictable weather and climate change. The time has come for a gardening revolution, we must begin to break down the walls of convention and mono-cultured yards. Conventional gardens look pretty but predictable, let’s have a cheer for the Unusual Gardeners out there and wish them well.



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