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Since 1901 the bio-tech leviathan that is Monsato has consistently proven they do NOT have the worlds best interests at heart. One wonders what they are really planning, after the destructive introduction of products like DDT and Agent Orange. They have set their sights on the global food market.


Without a doubt the most insidious and destructive products are yet to come, we are referring to Genetically Modified seeds for food crops. Round up ready Canola has made it’s mark on our Earth to the point where some self seeding heirloom crops are extinct forever. Don’t let this happen to our Corn. G.M. Seeds are sterile, they will not provide next years crop. When 80% of farmers in the developing world rely on seed saving for future use this spells starvation and poverty.


Mosato’s aggressive policies of harassment and intimidation of farmers are no secret as their many court battles can attest to. This is why, in an unprecedented preemptive strike over ¼ of a million organic farmers have launched a suit against the corporate giant. The Organic Seed and Growers Association is in court to get protection against being liable for seed drift. In the past Mosato has sued growers for, get this, copyright infringement. Their patented products are easily tested, just dowse them with roundup if they live they’re Monsato if they die, well sorry I guess we were wrong you didn’t steal our seeds.


All this has been repeated by many people over many years, but we thought it was worth the time to remind folks that the fight continues.

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