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After the rain.



Thinking about a water feature in your yard? Consider a dry creek bed. This is the perfect opportunity to conserve rainwater and create a drought resistant garden all in the same shot. As you can see from the photos it’s a very attractive addition to any landscape. Wet or dry these areas look amazing and provide a permanent benefit to the environment.


Despite our spring flood here in the Prairies we’ve entered a bit of a “dry spell” for large regions of our Province. Rain barrels are running dry and lawns are looking brown it’s easy to spot the surviving plant life. The goal behind dry creek beds is not to create a pond for mosquitoes to breed in but to slow down the flow of rainwater. If you live in a city it usually heads right into the storm sewer. By keeping the moisture in and around your yard plus planting strategically you can save time and money.

Stop erosionAdd biodiversity to your landscape.



Another bonus to these unique landscaping features is halting erosion. If you live on a slope for example you can design them to buffer vulnerable garden beds or walkways. Definitely a versatile option for any yard or garden.


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