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before and after


Certain media pundits are trying to shift public opinion to favour Canadian Tar Sands oil as opposed to Saudi products. They call this ethical oil, even Oprah is in on the action. While it’s true some oil producing nations have terrible human rights abuses occurring daily, Tar sand projects are killing people and Eco-systems as we speak. Would you drink Athabaskan river water?

In truth there are no safe or healthy aspects to any use of fossil fuels and the sooner folks figure this out the better. There is enough power in 1 minute of sunlight to sustain our planet for a day. So why are we still debating the ethics of oil? It’s because we are addicted, and addiction is a moral and ethical issue. Our western world has a very serious dependency problem and along with that comes denial, just like any other addict knows, it’s too painful to explore. The only way to “get clean” however is to dig deep and face our journey out of addiction head on.

Once you begin to look at our lifestyles with a more detailed eye, it does seem overwhelming, plastics surround us and petrolatum products are ruling our pocketbooks. It feels like there is no escape. Saddest of all, we must face the fact that we did this to ourselves. No one dragged us kicking and screaming to buy that first car. Milk is cheaper in the 4 L plastic jug, what’s wrong with saving money? This is not an us vrs them dilemma, this is an us vrs us one. It’s both a personal and societal struggle that no one person can win alone.

A good start, the only start is to admit our fault and begin to change. A journey from within to a finish line that will lead others out of dependency. This addiction can’t be pigeonholed into any category it’s not just an environmental or financial issue. It will be the most important “problem” society has ever fought and just like hard drugs you either beat them or they kill you.

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