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Bin and harvesting tray.


Bin maintenance is mostly dependant on the size, style and worm count of your bin. If you’re lucky enough to have a fancy flow through system Vermicast removal is happening constantly and needn’t be addressed. We employ a very simple bin and don’t even use bedding so monthly to bimonthly cleaning is a must.

Here are a few hints to help with these tasks.

Let the bin dry out and stop feeding for a week before you clean out the Vermicast. Set aside at least a Litre of casting to reintroduce after your harvest. Take the time to slowly herd your worms into a worm ball and inspect the castings for eggs and juvenile worms. Put any you find back in so the colony doesn’t have to start reproducing from scratch, unless your worm count is too high. In that event, you can either discard the eggs and young for population control or pass them along to future worm farmers.

If you are planning to use the castings for indoor use and wish to eradicate any missed worms or eggs, simply freeze them.

Some of these measures may seem harsh but if you do need population control, maintenance day is the time to do it. As far as we can tell a few worms in your house plants never killed anything. We’d be interested to hear from folks who have different methods to please don’t hesitate to comment on this or any other post.

Happy Farming!

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