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In our quest to try new gardening techniques and constantly improve the amazing growing power of our Vermicast, we are going to implement a Fall planting schedule. Last year we collected flower seeds from our annuals and used them in the garden to augment our perennials. It worked out great but it involved the process of starting seeds indoors. This year we are going to attempt to “skip the middle man” by seeding our annual flower seeds now.

First off we need to harvest them, Nasturtium, “Mini Hollyhocks” (which are still unidentified by the way) Marigold, Sweet William and Poppies. It’s not uncommon to let some of these plants just reseed themselves anyway, the difference being that we plan to strategically plant some. Sounds easy right, well let’s hope so because we don’t want to buy annuals next spring.

As always we’ll keep you posted and we’re still looking for help with the “Mini Hollyhocks”. What are those plants…..


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