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Be afraid...very afraid.


With food allergies on the rise and conditions like Lactose intolerance becoming more common in our society, consumers are waking up to the reality that they have little to no choice when it comes to GMO foods in their diets. These foods have been strongly linked to increases in allergies and particularly in the U.S. where Bovine Growth Hormone is legal, Lactose intolerance.

Even careful “label reading” won’t help, there are no Labels. Which is why a coalition of 300 companies, organizations and doctors are petitioning the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to force labelling of all Genetically Modified ingredients in retail food products. The European Union, Russia, Japan and China have done this, no word on Canada. We can only hope our government will follow suit if this labelling is adopted in the States.

As it stands today we are basically “guinea pigs” for the Bio-tech Industry. Unlike new drugs, there are no human testing protocols or studies of long term effects in consuming Genetically Engineered foods. What we need and deserve is a choice, the FDA doesn’t give American consumers one and our Canadian Food Agency certainly won’t give us one without a fight.

You’ll be hearing alot about Organic Farming and products in the next week or two as we celebrate Organic Farm Week. It’s really your best and safest bet for now, none of us want to be secret test subjects.

For more information on the petition in the States, check out their web site.


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