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Remember the Chip Bag experiment, we did.  It’s been on the go since June 3, 2011 and as you can see from the photo, there’s not a whole lot to report.  We finally got around to some much needed maintenance on this bin, it was losing ground and had been invaded by white worms.  After harvesting the Vermcast and seperating the worms, white (Enchytraeus buchholzi) went to the aquarium and red (Esinia foetida) went back to the bin, we added leaf mulch and yep, the chip bag.

We are back in business so to speak and plan on seeing this darn chip bag right through to the end.  It’s now estimated to take at least a year.

You can see a tiny bit of bag sticking out in the photo above, we’ll keep monitering and wait…..and wait.

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