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One thing was crystal clear over this past week end at the Winnipeg Green Living show and that is, people want to buy locally grown food products.  If anything, the demand outweighs the support.  Many people wanted to know where to get local products apart from a Farmers’ Market.   It’s especially poignant now that winter is approaching.  If you are looking for local produce, the first step is to ask your grocer.  Do they buy local or do they import.  If you show your preference as do your friend and neighbours, they’ll realise they must bow to consumer will.  They want you as a customer.

Check your area for a local food group, many communities have lower cost bulk buying groups that have direct lines to farmers.  Check the government directories for Organic producer lists.  If you get in touch with farmers, you’ve hit the main line in the local system.

Eating local makes sense, it will lower your “Carbon” footprint, support local business and is a healthier for you and the environment. 


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