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Citizens Climate Lobby is a nonpartisan and volunteer organization whose purposes are:  
To create the political will for a stable climate.
To empower individuals to have breakthroughs in exercising their personal and political power

In general, we stand behind the politicians who will stand up for the climate.
More specifically, we are asking the Canadian and US governments to enact THE CARBON FEE AND DIVIDEND ACT which imposes a direct fee on pollution made carbon-based fuels at the source with a dividend paid to households on a monthly schedule and to end subsidizing the fossil fuel industry.  These fees on carbon pollution would create the necessary market signal for investment in renewable energy and in turn create good green jobs across Canada.  Additionally, the trade barriers under the World Trade Agreement will be avoided because there is a border-adjustment clause.  The monthly dividend checks will aid consumers during the transition from a fossil fuel to a renewable-energy based economy.
Citizens Climate Lobby chapters meet collectively on a teleconference on the first Saturday of the month (barring holidays) at 12:00pm (noon) C.S.T.  During that call we receive training from highly trained climate professionals such as Bill McKibben ( and Dr. James Hansen, share updates of our actions across North America and are given laser-precision training on our monthly actions. An introductory call for new members happens on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month hosted by Executive Director Mark Reynolds.

We share ongoing education on all aspects of climate change, provide media training and support our volunteers’ lobbying efforts to put a price on carbon pollution, end fossil fuel subsides and transition to a clean energy economy.  Our lobbying methods are based on the successful poverty reduction organization called RESULTS.  
Our organization is based out of Coronado, CA and Sudbury, ON. It was founded in 2007.  In Canada, our goals are 12 fully fledged chapters by the spring of 2012 and volunteers in every riding by the next federal election.

As of October 21, 2011, there are 40 fully-fledged Citizens Climate Lobby chapters in Canada and the USA. In Canada, our three fully-fledged chapters are in Red Lake ON, Sudbury ON and Toronto ON. We have fledging chapters in: Winnipeg MA, Hamilton ON, Saskatoon SA, a suburb of Montreal (QUE), Welland ON, and Niagara Falls-Fort Erie ON.

If you are interested in joining please message us through our contact page or visit the website found on our links page.

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