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As the cold weather sets in people who have been active composters all summer and want to continue diverting kitchen scraps can always turn to an indoor Vermicomposting bin. Here are a few basic Q+A’s to help with getting started.

Q. Do the bins smell bad?

A. No, they should smell like an active out door compost. The nice earthy smell you get with aerobic composting. A bad smell indicates that something is wrong with conditions inside the bin.

Q. Will the worms try to escape?

A. If conditions in the bin are good the worms will stay put. If you see worms trying to flee, it’s a sign that bin conditions are deteriorating or have become hostile.

Q. How big should my bin be?

A. This depends on how much waste you plan to compost. The rule of thumb is; 1 sq. Foot of composting surface area to 1 Litre of organic waste to 1 lb of worms. The worms will compost this in about 1 week.

Q. What about the fruit flies?

A. To keep the fly population down or hopefully out, freeze the scraps before feeding your worms. Employ screens over air holes in the bins.

Q. What do I do when on Vacation?

A. If you’re leaving your home for more than 2 weeks, get a worm sitter. They’ll be fine with no food for about 10-14 days just add extra bedding and make sure there’s enough moisture before you leave.

Q. Can I leave my bin outside?

A. Depends where you live, Red Composting worms will die if they freeze or dehydrate.



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  1. Christine says:

    Very helpful tips – maybe one day I’ll have to take the plunge again, after failing miserably at the over-wintering experiment last time I tried!

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