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Traditional Gardening Methods

We’ve been in the trenches once again with Traditional Gardener Audrey Logan, our lesson today was conducted at the Dufferin School Community Garden in central Winnipeg. Started in 2005 by interested individuals in the school community, it is testimony to the effectiveness of traditional indigenous gardening methods.

Originally a simple mound garden, the project was embraced by the Girls and Boys club, Youth for Eco Action (YEA) and the children built the raised row gardens we see today. One of the keystones to this gardening method is the Sun Root, not only a nutritious staple it serves the garden as a starter or ground breaker plant. Thriving in poor compact soils this miracle worker will produce a delicious tuber that can be harvested throughout the winter months. Come spring the plant has busted up the earth and prepared a loose productive piece of ground ready for planting.

The traditional methods allow for double harvests as you can see from the Cabbage heads. First picked in August the stocks were left in place and have produced a second fruiting. This works for Broccoli, Lettuce and many other plants.


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