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Round two at the Climate Change talks in Durban and Canada is on top in the Fossil of the Day awards. How embarrassing and infuriating for the majority of people who did not vote for our current government. The nation looks like an insecure school yard bully desperately backing away from the challenge. They stand there in the middle of the path watching the Turtle struggle on it’s back, waiting for someone, anyone else to flip it over. This is not the leadership our global community expects and deserves from a first world county like Canada. We should not be waiting for others to act, we can act first and lead the world to a sustainable future.

The Economy may be depressed but at least it’s stable, the environment however is on suicide watch and the people with the antidote to the poison are ignoring their duties. This nation can afford to control GHG emissions, the fossil fuel industry can afford to pay for the damage it’s doing to our atmosphere and Eco-systems. If a company can’t conform to emission standards they may end up closing the doors, but with government incentives to explore alternate green energy projects instead of bail outs, this need not be the case. Technology exists today for a green energy future, implementing this infrastructure creates jobs, maintaining it creates jobs, there’s design and monitoring, endless possibilities for the industrious people of our land. Canada is moving backwards in such haste we have tripped and ended up with a black eye in the school yard anyway.


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