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We have had an exciting year at NATURE’S PERFECT PLANT FOOD.  We’ve grown in our community and made many new “online” friends.  These are some of the highlights…

Winter culminated with our sponsorship of the very first Awakening the Dreamer Symposium in Winnipeg.  This movement for positive change was an inspiration to all who attended.  For more information please check out the link.  http://www.awakeningthedreamer.org/

Early spring found us with a bit of cabin fever and produced some of our stranger experiments including “Mini Greenhouses” and the ongoing “Chip Bag experiment”.  Warmer weather allowed the unveiling of the infamous “Pumpkin Bomb” and proof of worms surviving the harsh winter.  April found us in Red Lake Ontario at the Earth Festival where one intrepid worm farmer jumped in Red Lake for Climate Change awareness.  With the water temperature at 4 c. this is no mean feat!

Manitoba experienced the worst spring flooding ever and some communities will never be the same. 

Summer time is always a joy in our region and we did alot of “Community outreach” in the form of Market Gardens and Farm tours.  We had to admit defeat with the “Lawn Pot” experiment but that brought us the blossoming friendship of traditional Gardening Guru, Audrey. (Stay tuned for more lessons) 

We were honored to be involved with 350.orgs Moving Planet Manitoba celebrations in Sept. and plan to cook up an ever better campaign for next year.

All in all things are looking up for organic farmers and the year to come is full of promise, keep up the good fight and we’ll be right with you.  Salut!

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