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Winter holidays are  wonderful escape from the cold weather but what about your worm bin?  We have fielded more than a few questions from some lucky folk who are heading South to enjoy the sun.  Our advice is, if you’ll be gone for more than 3 weeks get a worm sitter.  If your vacation us under 3 weeks, your worms will be fine.  You can take some precautions to make sure they make it;

Place your bin in the coolest area of your home.  Worms are cold-blooded and will naturally slow down with temperature and use fewer resources.

Make sure the bin has a high moisture content add bedding that retains moisture like Peat or natural fibers, newspaper dries out quickly.

Give them a little extra food, not enough to turn anaerobic but an extra 1/2 portion to get them through.  Spread it out more than you usually would, they’ll find it.  Worms can survive quite awhile without food, dehydration is the biggest concern.

We have found living worms in very dry Vermicast so try not to worry, they’re really pretty tough.

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