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Vermicast is not for the garden alone, this effective organic fertilizer is perfect for potted plants.  Used in a mix or alone it will add nutrients and beneficial bacteria to your house plants both feeding them and helping to prevent harmful moulds and fungus from attacking.  Vermicast has 40% more Humus than traditional compost, Humus is the fundamental building block of soil and acts as a “sponge” to retain moisture.  Even sprinkling Vermicast on top of the soil in a potted plant will help to keep moisture in and around the plant.  You will notice that they dry out less frequently and require less watering.  The slow release of potassium, nitrogen and phosphorus from the castings will feed your plants for months.  Early spring is a great time to re-pot plants and when you do, add some worm castings. 

Another fabulous way to use castings inside is to make Tea, the simplest way being to mix 1 part castings to 9 parts water, let steep for 10-12 hours and water as usual.  You can not over do Tea or castings, they will never “burn” even the most delicate of plants.  If you are worried about transferring living worms or eggs to your potted plants you can freeze the Vermicast before you use it, thus eradicating larger organisms.

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