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We started posting on the internet  two years ago, first with our Facebook Page followed by our website and much has changed on this planet we call home.  Thank you to all our supporters near and far.

We try to stay away from ranting, political or otherwise but  felt it was time for a bit of chin wag about GLOBAL CLIMATE CHANGE.  The time has come to “pay the piper”, humanities relentless destruction of our natural resources has reached a tipping point.  We can not continue to destroy our water, air and earth without dooming future generations to difficult lives of pain and suffering.  It’s happening all over the world right now, manmade climate change is upon us and we have no option but to adapt our actions in accordance.  This is the bed we have made and the night has come.

The facts of climate change are undisputable, the burning of fossil fuels and production of petroleum-based products has critically damaged our atmosphere and polluted our water and soil.  There is no debate or denial, it doesn’t matter what political flag you choose to fly or where you fly it.  This climate damage will affect your life and if unchecked threaten the well being of every child on Earth.  Unlike some of the propaganda produced by the fossil fuel industry, environmental activists are not asking people to return to the “dark ages” indeed most believe that technology is the answer to our current crisis.  We don’t want to halt the progress of our species, we want to ensure its continuance.

Oil can run the world, it has answered our energy needs effectively and birthed phenomenal growth in industry, commerce and innovation.  Where would we be without plastic….  But, and it’s a big one, it’s also killing us.  We need to see fossil fuel based products for what they are and to stop taking them for granted.  They can and will be used for our forseeable future, we simply need to slow the bleed.  We must start a transition to sustainable fuel sources now so we can make a future for everyone.  Alternative energy is staring us in the face and asking for money, we say bring it on.  As taxpayers we have the right to demand where and who gets our hard earned buck, some of us seemed to have forgotten that.  It’s not hard to see why, there’s so much information available now through many sources that it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.  In the face of confusion and contradiction there has never been a better time to “take a slow deep breath”.  Now is the time to learn about climate change and how it affects your world.  Visit our links page and become active or just start making changes at home.  If you’re not worried yourself, please consider those who will be left when your time has come to pass.

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