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As we know Red worms make excellent Vermicast, a wonderful fertilizer for all plants.  Why then could you not simply place worms in your plant pots and let them do the work for you?  Well, we’re going to try that very thing!  It’s no secret that yours truly is not a great gardener, I should point out that this post is being written by Jen, Mike on the other hand is a fantastic gardener, which is why he laughs at all my goofy experiments. 

I’ve prepared my next victim, this Umbrella tree, for this trial.  First I’ve rather radically pruned it hopefully forcing the plant to demand extra nutrients to repair the damage. I’ve put a layer of vermicast mixed with straw and dead leaves about 4 cm deep.  I’m thinking as they compost they will supply food to the worms.  The two water bulbs are intended to make sure everyone has enough moisture. 

In go a handful of worms, don’t want to lose too many in the horrid event this doesn’t work.  We’ll see how they do over the next few months so stay tuned for updates.  As always we welcome your comments either here on through our Facebook page.


  1. Anthony says:

    So did it work?

    • admin says:

      Hey Anthony, I did not have success with this project. I think the worms starved to death! I have seen greenhouse operations integrate worms into large raised beds….maybe it’s a case of go big or go home?

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