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The “Easy Bin” has been up and running for two months.  The colony is doing well despite the “occupation” by the tiny white pot worms.  We have found baby Red Wigglers yet mysteriously have not discovered any eggs.  This is a good opportunity to discuss the viability of indoor bin systems.  You will not find a simpler method than the “Easy Bin” but how does it stack up to flow through systems and outdoor Vermicomposting. 

Volume of compost;  unlike our outdoor Vermicompost facility which is designed to make castings, the indoor bin is a kitchen scrap eating machine, literally.  By keeping the worm to food ratio high using the 1 sq. foot of surface area to 1 L of food to 1 lb of worms formula this bin functions very effectively.  It expediency converts organic waste to worm cast and the colony population is rising.  The castings themselves are inconstant when compared to the predictable manure pile casting at our outdoor facility.  Indoor bins are a great composting mechanism not great vermicast producers.  Flow through systems are more complex and produce accessible castings. 

Maintenance and bin health;  like an aquarium, indoor bins need care and monitoring.  The health of the bin can quickly slide to an unproductive state without some management.  White pot worms and  fruit flys are inevitable and as a natural part of a bins “mini eco-system’ you need to keep track of these populations.  This along with moisture content and feeding should be scheduled at a minimum of by-weekly check ins.  All in all one hour a week isn’t to vexing when it comes to composting our kitchen scraps.   

Here’s a photo that shows perfectly just hoe greedy the little guys can get, this previously frozen apple has only been in the bin 3 days and it’s almost eaten.

On another note, please check out this important message to Monsanto from the infamous “anonymous” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q1A-DYK4M4Q&feature=youtu.be

Next post we’ll continue with our discussion on indoor worm bins.


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