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The relationship between Humans and Bees has been thousands of years in the making, and tragically looks like it will only take a few more to destroy.  Bee colonies all over the world are failing and have been for the last decade.  While some feel this is just “a sign of the times” scientist and bee keepers alike are sounding the alarm that life as we know it may be coming to an end.  The honey bee is so closely tied to Human survival that we may not be able to live without them.  If this sounds alarmist just think of the many food crops that Bees pollinate, crops that would not produce fruit, be it an apple or a soya bean without the lowly Bee.  So, what’s killing the Bees? 

Beginning in the late 1990’s bee keepers began to record what was to become known as Colony Collapse Disorder.  Entire hives were lost over the dormant season, much more damage than was usually associated with “winter kill”.  Scientist began studying this phenomena and not surprisingly were unable to find any one cause.  After years of experimentation most have come to the conclusion that WE are killing off the bees.  Talk about biting the hand that feeds you!  It’s the chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, just to look pretty cides, you name it and we’ve tried it.  All in an effort to do Mother Natures job for her, grow food.  Grow it faster and bigger, modern agricultural practices are destroying the beautiful balance between the flower and the Bee.  This is one of the most ancient bonds in the fossil record, one that undoubtedly brought us to where we are today.  Do we really want to be the generation that divorced this productive couple? 

Growing evidence show that organic farming practices not only produce more food but save money.  We can’t stress enough to make sure you know where you food is coming from.  Please support organic farms, your life may depend on it.

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