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Controversy surrounding recent pipe line proposals here and in the U.S. has the whole place in an uproar.  On one side we have the Harper government and the deep pockets of the fossil fuel industry and on the other we have, well, you and me.  At least it feels that way.  When cabinet ministers make irresponsible statements in primetime media, it’s time to worry.  I don’t appreciate being called a radical and I don’t think organic farming is radical, but listen to Minister Oliver for a bit and yikes, I’ll be blowing up puppies in a few days.   This is bad enough coming from the Minister for the Environment, it’s when the Minister of Justice pipes up that I begin to feel threatened, I already feel bullied.

Today I’ve read a press release from Vic Toews Minister of Justice, and I quote, “It’s a very difficult situation to detect given that radicalization can literally occur in a matter of weeks or months-often before agencies are alive to that particular threat, so that needs to be addressed.”  He then proceeds to describe these hypothetical threats as Islamic groups like al-Qaida and extremists in the animal rights, environmental, white supremacy and anti-capitalist movements.  I do NOT take kindly to being compared with white supremacy groups or religious fanatics.  What this says to me is, your government is gunning for you, something I have never experienced in my life.  When did working for environmental sustainability become such a frightening endeavour, but more importantly why does the federal government think it is? 


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