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Last week we began to share some important information from the Union of Concerned Scientist regarding Monsanto.  This biotech leviathan does not have your best interests at heart.  We’ll finish up today.

4. Expanding Monoculture

Monsanto’s emphasis on limited varieties of a few commodity crops contributes to reduced biodiversity and, as a consequence, to increased pesticide use and fertilizer pollution.

5. Marginalizing Alternatives

Monsanto’s single-minded emphasis on GE fixes for farming challenges may come at the expense of cheaper, more effective solutions.

6. Lobbying and Advertising

Monsanto outspends all other agribusinesses on efforts to persuade Congress and the public to maintain the industrial agriculture status quo.

7. Suppressing Research

By creating obstacles to independent research on its products, Monsanto makes it harder for farmers and policy makers to make informed decisions that can lead to more sustainable agriculture.

8. Falling Short on Feeding the World

Monsanto contributes little to helping the world feed itself, and has failed to endorse science-backed solutions that don’t give its products a central role.

No. 7 is our personal favorite, which one really makes your skin crawl, drop us a line or visit us on Facebook.


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