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We were happily surprised to receive a parcel in the mail yesterday from KRAFT Foods.  Inside was a large container of gum, a compostable container.  KRAFT has taken a step in the right direction.  You may remember the ongoing “Chip bag” experiment, in June it will be one year in the making. http://www.naturesperfectplantfood.com/2011/12/09/chip-bag-experiment-6-months-later-3/  We’ll update you on that one next week.  This new gum packaging looks very promising, it’s made out of Tapioca starch and bamboo fibers.  The plastic wrapping is also made of plant-based material but we’ve been asked to discard this for our experiment.  We’ll get started as soon as the kids eat up the gum, about three minutes around here.  Stay tuned for the results.

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