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Vermicast is a truly unique product and Nature’s Perfect Plant Food produces some of the best.  But why is it so different from traditional compost or top soil?  First off it’s made with cow manure, by using the same feed stock our Vermicast is consistent.  One ton of manure takes about 18 months to two years to completely vanish under the hungry mouths of millions of red composting worms (Eisenia fetida).  We have an out-door facility in a Northern habitat so the time period could be shortened if we worked inside.  Vermicast contains 40% more Humus than compost and Humus is the fundamental building block of soil.  Organic material that’s been broken down until it is resistant to further change,  Humus is what holds and transfers water within the soil structure.  You’ll notice less watering is needed when plants are grown in vermicast.  Microbial content is extremely important and Vermicast provides this in spades.  When you buy sterilized potting soil you are basically buying a dead product.  Vermicast is like the yogurt of the soil world and we all know how good those probiotics are for you.  The bacteria in worm castings are one of the few things that can naturally break the Nitrogen bond, giving plants rare soluble Nitrogen that they can easily absorb.  The micro organisms also provide hormones which boost the plants immune response, making for larger and stronger specimens.  Almost all seedlings you buy from a greenhouse are grown in a vermicast potting mix.  These are growers that know what they’re doing, they need to produce healthy plants in a timely fashion.  If you enjoy organic produce it’s been fertilized with either vermicast tea or straight castings.  Vermicast is one of the only certain ways you can fertilize without man-made chemicals, all the Nitrogen, Potassium and Phosphorus plants need to live is made by Mother Nature herself.  The difference between chemical fertilizers and natural fertilizers is reflected in the quality of the soil you end up with, chemical fertilizers eventually creat sterile soil and must be used continuously for plants to grow.  Vermicast slow releases fertilizer and strengthens the “body” of your soil along the way.  Ultimately saving your garden or house plants from a dependant addiction to chemicals.  Once your soil is strong and virile, you can simply water with easy to make vermicast tea to supply nutrients.  Please consider this information next time you’re at the garden center and help out your garden with vermicast or better yet skip the middle man and find a worm farmer near you.

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