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The back yard composter is a valuable tool for any home.  Not only will it turn your organic waste into rich soil, it will keep your carbon footprint down by diverting this material away from the landfill.  What happens in the landfill does not stay in the landfill.  By that we mean Methane, when organic waste decomposes buried with out air, it produces the destructive Green House Gas, Methane.  All decomposition releases GHG’s, aerobic (with air) produces Carbon Dioxide, though damaging it comes nowhere near Methane, widely considered to be at least 100 times more volatile in our atmosphere.  Back yard composting can be as simple as starting a yard waste pile in the corner, or as complex as a carefully balanced system, compleat with temperature readings and ph tests.  No matter how involved you choose to become, the bottom line will always be aerobic vrs anaerobic decomposition.  Far better to produce a bit of CO2 than Methane.

Global Climate Change http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Global_warming will certainly affect you in this lifetime, take the opportunity to educate yourself and learn to do your part in reducing your Methane output.  A compost in your yard or home is a great first step.   

























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    Very good advice, Thank you for posting!!

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