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Celebrated since the dawn of civilization, the Solstice marks the longest day for those in the Northern hemisphere.  It’s a benchmark in the turn of the seasons and a chance to take pause and ponder the wonders of our universe.  As nice as it would be to feel assured of our future, the life of Man on Earth is in jeopardy.  We have pushed the habitat of our planet literally to the brink.  CO2 levels are topping 400 ppm in some Arctic regions, this is the tipping point.  If they can’t be brought down to reasonable 350-360 levels in the next few years, our home will experience catastrophic Global Climate Change.  A temperature rise of even 3 to 4 degrees is enough to disrupt everything we rely on for existence.  It defies logic that our society routinely ignores this imminent danger while enjoying block buster disaster films in the theatres, munching on genetically modified popcorn.  In these movies our heroes always save the day and guess what they’re usually scientists, they finally get through to the corporate bosses and politicians in the nick of time.  If art imitates life, we’ve certainly lost the storyline this time.  

These very political types are down in Rio right now at the G20 summit, Canada is well on its way to another black mark on its reputation once again leading the pack in “Fossil” awards.  Do you really want to go down in history as the Canadian villain in this real life disaster story.  Doom and gloom messages apparently don’t work with these issues, people seem to be waiting for that happy ending.  Well you have to make your own ending people.  You can start by educating yourself and acting in a responsable manner toward your environment.  Never forget that when your gone, those left behind will judge you.  Villain or hero the choice is yours and the time is now. 

Feeling pretty rotten about now….cheer up, you can put pen to paper or hand to key, you have a voice in this fight.  Visit our links page and get involved, for today, begin with helping out our favorite little heroes, the Bees.

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  1. meme mine says:

    Climate change predicted to cause 26 more years of studies on effects, not causes.

    • admin says:

      As pointed out by our friend above, effects are upon us. I think the causes are well known and can be corrected.

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