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How crappy is this…..we recieved very distressing news from KRAFT Canada last week.  They are discontinuing the production of the innovative, compostable Earth Pack for gum.  It’s all the more disappointing when you learn the reason, “municipal waste systems in Canada are unwilling to accept the earth pack bottle in their waste management streams.”  What a crock of sh*t!  Forgive the strong language but this is reeks of bureaucratic meddling at the municipal level.  The earth pack is one of the most effective, compostable packaging methods we’ve ever seen. The question is not whether it will compost, we know it works fine so what’s the issue?   Is it because the things not flat?  This honestly makes zero sence, we can’t for the life of us figure out any problems with the compostable packs and KRAFT didn’t go into detail.  At a time when consumers are looking for environmentally responsable choices, all one can do is wonder at the shortsightedness of municipal waste management decision makers.

On a more encouraging note we were also contacted by the company that invented the earth pack material in the first place.  Let us introduce you to Biosphere Industries http://www.biosphereindustries.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=2&Itemid=68 new worm packs here we come.  They had some timely advice for their friends north of the border… “We are concerned that although Canada is known for being green, the reality is that the Canadian municipalities that handle the blue and green bins prefer recycling plastic for the revenue potential as opposed to accepting new compostable products and are really doing their best to stop the introduction of new compostable products. This resistance to introducing new compostable products extends to the Canadian Composting Counsel.”  

Revenue potential, what about environmental heath potential!  Solid waste management is largely a hidden industry.  Most people don’t really worry about the local landfill or recycling depot, if you live in an urban setting you’ll probably never meet the person responsable for your garbage once it leaves the yard.  This attitude must change.  When people are proactive and vocal in the choices they want, people see change.  If we allows others to make these decisions for us, we’ve given up a bit more of our freedom.  KRAFT did the right thing when it tried the new packaging, it’s the Canadian people who let the ball drop, right into the garbage!


  1. BioGuy says:

    I agree this is very disappointing and incredibly short sighted on the part of the municipalities. Folks should let their municipality know what they think of this.

  2. Christine says:

    Thanks for the info, Jen. When does the campaign start?

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