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We’ve been feeling a little down lately, it’s the height of summer and we’ve got ourselves a heat wave.  The papers are full of Climate Change denying lunatics and dead Polar Bears are washing ashore in the Arctic.  Just as the black claw of a truly big funk was tapping at the door, it turned out to be the delivery guy with a box from our friends at Biosphere Industries.  We have some new test material!  Look at these beautiful compostable dishes, we know they’ll disappear like the wind ’cause they’re made out of the same stuff as the ill-fated KRAFT gum containers.   The plates are oven and microwave safe up to 420 degrees F, excellent news indeed.  We need to promote innovative companies and individuals and can think of no better way than to celebrate their achievements with food and drink.  Stay tuned for party details,lol.

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