1. Dear Admin,
    On a similar note,, I live next to a river in the midwest. It floods part of my yard once, maybe twice a year for about a week or 2. There are quite a few bare spots, and the soil is a little silty from the river. We also have an irrigation system. Is there a type of grass side that will still grow in this type of condition?
    Kindest Regards

    • admin says:

      Well that’s a tricky question, a great deal depends on the water quality of your flooding river. For example if you live downstream from a community that uses salt on roads in the winter, the silt may be contaminated. There are really no “traditional lawn” grasses that tolerate flood conditions. You may have better luck with a heritage prairie grass. You could contact these folks to see about getting some tall grass seed.

      http://www.winnipeg.ca/publicworks/naturalist/livingprairie/ Good Luck and please keep us posted.

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