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Freezing and then thawing the kitchen scraps you feed your worms is important for a number of reasons.  Worms don’t have teeth and will not be able to eat most fresh foods, they can’t begin to digest organic material untill it has started to decompose.  Freezing the “food” you plan on putting into your bin will speed up decomposition by bursting open the cells and softening the more fibrous part of the plant material.  Chopping it up to increase surface area is also a good idea.  The greater the surface area the more room the bacteria have to begin the composting process.  When your scraps thaw you can use them to control the moisture content of your bin, you’ll notice a fair amount of fluid is released by the freezing thawing cycle.  If you have dry conditions in the bin, you add the liquid, if your bin’s too wet, discard the liquid.  Some folks say freezing scraps help keep the fruit fly population in check, though that’s highly debatable.

Worms also enjoy cooked food so leftover veggies and some starches like plain pasta are welcome additions to the diet.  This boosts the protein intake of the worms and can help in propagation.  Basically, worms can only use pre-digested foods, be it through cooking, freezing or rotting.  Please feel free to comment and question this or any other post, we like the feedback.

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