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Let the “green” revolution continue!  After word got out about our adventures in compostable packaging, specifically the Earth Pack, we’ve been contacted by another compostable packaging company.  Let us introduce CANADA GREEN Natural Products.  We were embarrassed to realise they’re right here in Winnipeg.  They have an interesting assortment of compostable packaging and you know we can’t resist the chance to test some out.  Our first test is the 16 oz bioserv soup cup, the lid is labeled biodegradable, but we’ll throw it in too.  At a time when people are bombarded by bad news on environmental issues daily, it’s a good idea to search out some of the good news companies trying to help.  CANADA GREEN is one of them.  Next time you’re in the grocery store or at your favorite restaurant, take a few minutes to find out who is supplying their packaging and if it’s compostable, or at least biodegradable.  If not, well then you have a choice, and you can remind them that they also have a choice.

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