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We have been working on the dog poo, grass clipping compost pile for about 4 years now.  The worms eat the dog waste and the grass clippings act as bedding.  It’s on a three-year cycle with the finished compost at one end and the fresh at the other.  In all honesty it works great.  Why send little plastic bags of dog doo to the dump?  We use the compost to enrich and feed our various flower and veggie beds.  After 3 years it’s perfectly safe, but if you’re a bit squeamish about the dog waste you can use your own as you see fit.

It’s a large pile and won’t freeze all the way through in winter, which is why the worms survive the cold temperatures.  What we didn’t count on however was worm migration.  Surprisingly, areas of the compost that have not had “new” food added to them for 2 years, still attract some worms.  It’s been a really dry summer here and that may explain it.  The older compost has a high vermicompost content and because of this retains more moisture.  There is something new to learn everyday in vermicomposting.

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